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Advice for Mount Isa residents on living safely with lead from the Living with Lead Alliance

The Living with Lead Alliance would like to inform the community about how to live safely with lead during the current drought conditions.

It is essential that we all work together to ensure that we reduce the possible risk of elevated blood lead levels in our children and be vigilant in reducing lead dust in our homes.

Due to the current dry conditions, it is difficult to keep water up to grassed areas and many lawns are now just bare soil. The Alliance recommends that you keep very young children and crawling babies away from these areas as much as possible. It is essential that you and your children wash their hands regularly during the day after playing outside, petting animals and especially before eating. To reduce bare soil areas in your yard you can use mulch and pavers in and around a child’s play area. Mulch will also help keep water evaporation to a minimum.

There has been a lot of wind which is stirring up dust. To reduce dust in the home, keep windows closed as much as possible, regularly wet wash and wipe worktops and benches, especially food preparation areas, wet mop hard floor surfaces regularly. Remember to rinse the cloth and mop during the cleaning process.

Keep yard shoes and work boots outside to reduce the amount of dust you bring into the home. Try and keep dogs outside, ensure they have access to shade and drinking water, wash and groom them regularly.

Pin a baby’s dummy to the baby’s clothing to prevent it falling on the floor and picking up dust. Crawling babies tend to put things into their mouths, so try to keep toys and floors dust free.

Breast-feeding mums need to ensure that their blood lead levels are as low as possible as lead can be transferred to a baby through breast milk.

Free blood lead testing is available at QML Pathology
13a Isa Street, Monday to Friday 7.30am to 2pm, no appointment necessary.

All residents that would like further information or have any concerns, FREE CALL 1800 457 547.