The Lead Alliance – Mount Isa QLD

About The Lead Alliance

The Lead Alliance was established to develop and deliver an extensive and ongoing public education campaign to ensure the health of Mount Isa residents. The ‘Living Safely with Lead’ campaign will remind us that lead exists in Mount Isa and it is manageable, making Mount Isa a safe place to live. The Lead Alliance will provide you with information about how to minimise exposure to lead for you and your family.

The Lead Alliance has a two-fold objective:

  • To raise awareness in the Mount Isa community about lead and its potential health effects
  • To drive practical, evidence-based behavioural changes to limit exposure to lead

The goal of the Lead Alliance is to achieve a sustainable improvement in the health of the Mount Isa community by effectively managing programs to assist the community in working towards a safe and healthier lifestyle for Mount Isa children.

Achieving this goal requires focus on the following objectives:

  • To stimulate behavioural change within the community so that all residents follow safe and hygienic practices for living and working in the Mount Isa environment.
  • To work cooperatively to reduce the potential for exposure to lead in all forms.
  • To be accountable to the community for monitored results achieved through regular reporting.
  • To ensure, through ongoing monitoring, that blood lead levels in children aged between 0 and 5 years are maintained at below the World Health Organisation recommendation.

Backyard Improvement Program 2019

Congratulations to all the winners of the Lead Alliance Backyard Improvement Program 2019.

First place: Simone Langtree and Family

View the 2019 Backyard Improvement Program winners here.