Lead & Your Home

How can I reduce the amount of lead dust in my home?

There are few simple and easy ways to reduce the amount of lead dust in your home, by following these guidelines you will be reducing the risk of elevated blood lead levels in your children and family:

  • Place door mats at entrances to your home, ensure that you clean them regularly.
  • Keep work boots and shoes outside, they will bring lead dust into your home.
  • Wet wipe all kitchen benches and work tops to remove lead dust, especially before preparing meals and snacks for you and your family. Use a wet cloth and rinse the cloth regularly.
  • Wet mop all hard floor surfaces to remove the amount of lead dust that can be picked up. Regularly rinse the mop during cleaning. If you have carpeted surfaces a vacuum with a HEPA filter system is the best vacuum to remove lead dust from carpets. It is recommended that you remove young children from the room when vacuuming or sweeping floors as dust can be deposited back into the air.
  • On very windy days try and keep windows closed.
  • Regularly wet wipe windowsills to remove lead dust.
  • Keep dogs outside and groom them regularly, make sure they have access to water. Dogs can bring lead dust into your home.
  • If you work on the mine-site, ensure that you follow the clean in and clean out process thoroughly, keep work boots and clothes outside to prevent any lead dust entering your home.