Greening Mount Isa

Eileen Fisher finished Play Group

In their support of the Mount Isa community, Premier Bligh and the Queensland Government set aside $1 million for a major initiative entitled ’Greening Mount Isa’ designed to provide better recreational and environmental facilities for children and young people in Mount Isa.

The fund has provided grants to community, school and sporting organisations for a broad range of  activities that contribute to a healthier lifestyle for Mount Isa city’s children.

The first round of Greening Mount Isa funding provided fifteen (15) local junior education facilities with a combined total of $269,000 of funding. Funding recipients include:

  • Mount Isa Special School, Barkly Highway State School
  • Happy Valley State School, Healy State School
  • Mount Isa Central School, Sunset State School
  • St Kieran School, Eileen Fisher Kindergarten
  • Estelle Cardiff Kindergarten, Injilinji Kindergarten
  • Mount Isa Day Kindergarten & Nursery
  • Island BMX
  • St Pauls Lutheran Church Child Care Centre
  • Mount Isa  Playgroup
  • Mount Isa PCYC

Round two of the funding was available to local junior sporting organisation and public parks. These projects carried the same purpose of reducing dirt and dust and improving grounds for young children in Mount Isa.

Round two of the Greening Mount Isa Fund supplied $400,000 of funding for projects such as improved irrigation and bore systems, spectator seating and improvements to existing ground cover. This funding has made significant improvements to the grounds on which children play sport in Mount Isa.Groups. Round two funding recipients include:

  • Mount Isa Rugby League
  • Mount Isa Softball Association
  • Mount Isa Touch Association
  • North West Soccer Zone
  • AFL Mount Isa
  • Four public parks